Why is SMSF so popular?


 The full form of SMSF is self-managed super funds. SMSF has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times and have become increasingly popular. Research has shown that it is most popular in Australia and many people have taken it for their retirement savings in order to have a safe old age period.

SMSF has the advantage of managing direct shares rather than the managed funds. If you are an investor you can get a lot of savings yourself directly when compared to the managed funds.

With the increasing popularity of SMSF it is seen that people are investing their properties in order to secure their retirement periods. In the past times it was extremely difficult to buy a single property as it got counted as an asset but now as funds can be so easily borrowed investment in properties is very easy.

Benefits of self-managed super funds (SMSF)

There are three main benefits of self-managed super funds, the cost, the freedom and the control.

  • The cost of your own self-managed super funds is normally fixed and it is not dependent on the total amount of assets you have. Other super annuation funds charge you a hefty amount as a percentage of your assets so this has a higher chance of increasing your cost because the more the assets you have the more you have to pay. Self-managed super funds is pocket friendly as it does not depend on the amount of assets you have.
  • Self-managed super funds give you complete freedom and they are very flexible. If their members die or retire they have a complete plan which is very flexible as to how to pay these members in the best possible way to benefit them in a great way.
  • Self-managed super funds also give you the option of taking your funds paid out to you in assets rather than cash. This can be a really good option as you can always demand for assets when you do not need cash at the moment or else if the value of assets at that time is extremely high. This can aid to your advantage in a great way.
  • Self-managed super funds gives you a complete control over your decisions in a complete manner. It gives you full control to choose and develop an investment strategy according to your own wishes and needs. Retail and industry super funds do not let you involve in any kind of say but self managed super funds lets you speak and involve in all kinds of decisions concerning you.
  • Self-managed super funds lets you access a wide variety of options such as real estate, managed investments and corporate bonds. You have complete authority to buy or less any kind of investments whereas none others offer this kind of service.
  • Public offer funds do not allow you to plan and have a say in any kind of tax events but self-managed super funds allows you to have a great say in this.

There are great benefits of self-managed super funds however it is not suitable for everyone. It is not suitable for everyone because before starting up your own self-managed super fund you must seek a lot of professional advice from a financial planner in order to get the complete know how about these things.

Self-managed super funds may not be suitable for everyone unless you study in detail all about investments, their strategies and about tax laws. Visit this site for more information : Smsfselfmanagedsuperfund.com.au