Is Gold Really A Hedge Investment?

Is Gold Really A Hedge Investment

I have heard lots of people saying that they are investing in Gold ready for when the world falls apart and the stock market crashes. Some people have made a profit in the long term, well they did if they sold it rather than just keep on holding it.visit our latest posted information at

If you really believe that the world is coming to an end, what is the point in having all your money tied up in SHARES of Gold? I am not talking about if you have gold coins stashed away in your basement at least then you can actually go and collect them should you need to. Having your money tied up in gold is no different from having it in shares, you are still relying on the system being in place.

Unless there is someone on the other end of the computer who is willing and able to buy your gold, and the system to transfer the money to you is still in place, well you are totally out of luck. What if the banking system collapses? Well then you are going to have trouble getting your money out, so the gold will be effectively worthless. If you can’t turn it into ready accessible cash then it has no value.

Store Gold At Home?

This may seem the smart way to invest in gold, buy coins or jewelry and keep it at home because at least then you will always be able to access it. This is normally done by people who buy sealed packs of coins. Coins are easy to price and easy to move, but is having a single coin in your pocket worth over $1600 a smart move?

The Krugerrand is a pure gold coin from South Africa, introduced in 1970 as the worlds first bullion coin. It has been a favorite with investors from the day the first one was minted. It comes in various sizes, 1/10th, 1/4oz , 1/2 ounce and a full ounce.

My question to people who buy Krugersands is , how are you going to cash them in? The most common reason people have for buying gold coins or bullion is because they think the world as we know it is coming to an end. So what will you do with the coins, and if America becomes the country featured in so many post apocalypse movies will you really want everyone to know you have these valuable coins stashed.visit their official website for more information and updates.

Is Gold Really A Hedge Investment

Hedge Your Bets

I really do believe in investment diversity, Buy some gold coins, but buy them in smaller sizes. Do the same with silver coins. Buy some shares and if you really think the western world is falling apart then make sure you have plenty of food storage.